Saturday, October 25, 2008

A little detour...

Hello all and welcome to Amy Clark's art blog. Now while it may seem a bit bare, the blog has moved here:

Happy Blogging!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

stopmotion - twiddles

At the Bomb(2.15-2.18) for the PMC, I embarked on my first attempt at a ball-socket armature (made from brass for ease of drilling)... I think it came out alright... I'll admit that the it's gimpy with the spacing (guess I should have measured out the holes instead of eye-balling 'em) and that the brass bars didn't hold their shape (a tad wobbly when tightened, but they did tighten enough to hold the ball in place); however, I think that overall it was a wonderful failure and well-worth the time invested in school/work procrastination.

CANDID DURING THE DRILLING (everyone loved me)




Friday, February 29, 2008

Perspective - layouts

So, I didn't die...

Anyhoo, Tina's layout perspective class (butt kicked every Thursday)... here's my 'final' (roughs) for midterm today ... the principles are there but line quality is lacking...any thoughts for those who haven't given up hope for an update?



Monday, November 5, 2007

LifeDrawing - let there be color!

Trials in pastel

So, I've been harassed over my lack of updating so I everyone gets to see my failures at color a la pastel. My pastel (and color) exploration began in September and as we are now in November (scary thought that) my skills are little over a month old... Here's my progress: any comments and crits are helpful!




Rant - a very rough morning

On Thursday I was in a wreck. It was nothing large and around 8:30am. In fact, the wonderful, kind, understanding and generous woman whom I bumped into waved the incident off and I was told to 'have a nice day'.

Thank-you again you kind, kind woman.

Anyhoo... normally I wouldn't take the time to mention this but as I was walking back to my car (mentally doing every happy-dance known to man) I notice my car's still running. Well, that's fine (I was in a hurry to check if the nice lady and her car were alright), but as I round the front to my door, my mental celebrations stop cold. My door was locked. words better not said.

So as I'm standing outside my running, parked, locked, hazard-blinking car I marvel at the double-edged sword that is my life and wonder if anyone watching gets-a-kick out of my critical thinking skills.

Mentally running down a list of what I can do with what little I have(my cell phone at this point is mockingly staring at my from the passenger seat),I soon conclude that my only chance is to run down three stories out of the parking garage, stumble across the side street and pant my way through the VA building all the while praying that someone I knew was there to give a message to my roommate Bill (who I knew was the only person who knew where my spare key was).

After latching onto Jen and stealing Annie's phone, I run back up to the third story to baby-sit my running, parked, locked, hazard-blinking car.

It was here that I lost faith in the future of humanity; because, as I am leaning against my running, parked, locked, hazard-blinking car people were honking, and lining-up for me to move.

Were they serious?

I was standing/ pacing outside my running, parked, locked, hazard-blinking car waiting for Bill to return with my key. One would think that hazards would indicate something was wrong.

So I kindly waved them on toward the next exit; but after 20 minutes or so the self-kicking angst of having had the stupidity of locking my keys in a running car shifted to the external as I marveled at the stupidity and hopelessness of our future.

I wasn't sure why I listened to my radio so loudly but at the moment I was rather happy I did and the remorseful waving toward an exit wasn't happening anymore: scathing glares replaced them.

Bill came. Thank you Bill. Although he did get a good laugh out of where I had locked my keys in my running, parked, hazard-blinking car --the man thought the locking had happened in a parking space... HA! That would've been nice.

Anyhooo, over the hour of inconvenience and lateness four people stoped to as if I needed help 3 women and a AAA lock and tow man who asked if anyone had called a tow but left after I told him I was waiting on a key...butt monkey. Bill is the sole redeeming male of our species.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Illustration - Hey Look What I Found...

While wading through the tangled mass of my external, I found this old(ish) illustration I did of Gary Oldman as Sirus Black. Anyhoooo, I'm rather proud of this bloody stippled mess so I figured: Hey, why not?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

V.I.L.E. - Alibi needed so character designs

So, evidently people expect you to update a blog after its creation...Oops.

Four major projects-all still infants...and all to be completed by December.


Here's some rough sketches of the major characters in Evalle (So very much a working title it's not even funny)..